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Conor McGregor displays love for Nate Diaz in response to recent show of support


Conor McGregor & Nate Diaz are involved in the most intense rivalry of UFC history. But that hasn’t prevented them from showing support for each other when they get the chance.

McGregor and Diaz fought in two Hall-of-Fame-worthy bouts, which left fans clamoring in hope of a three-fight trilogy for eight years. The third fight could still happen, but ‘The Notorious,’ who is being held hostage by the promotion seems to be in limbo. This has prompted the Stockton native, who was born in Stockton, to speak up in support of his former nemesis.

Nate Diaz spoke out when the news broke that the Irishman had been forced to retire by the UFC. Nate Diaz, the former lightweight title contender, insisted he had also experienced frustrations similar to those of his counterpart.

Diaz spoke out in support of McGregor, saying: “This is me before Conor ever got here.” “They want you dead before you get out.” [of] “These contracts”

No one else can make a thing pop. [is] Going to help you, but you. Free Conor, it’s at Patty’s day in this b*tch.”

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