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The Guide to Institutional Crypto Adoption for Newbies

The Guide to Institutional Crypto Adoption for Newbies

Photo Credit: Yuichiro Chino

Over the past few years, crypto assets have seen a dramatic shift in their perception. Unlike in the past, when crypto assets were considered fake and unserious, Bitcoin’s leading market position and multiple all-time highs have made it a widely accepted financial tool. Crypto assets are now no longer seen as something for only tech-savvy individuals. Today, they are a legitimate and valuable asset class added to institutions’ portfolios.

In fact, we are seeing that more and more companies show interest in digital currencies, a sign of the institution’s adoption of cryptocurrency. As these entities explore crypto markets, it is important to understand the importance of doing due diligence.

Understanding Institutional involvement in Crypto

Institutional interest in crypto has soared as prominent financial institutions have started recognizing digital currencies’ potential. This is exemplified by entities like JPMorgan, PayPal and others who have been among the first financial institutions to adopt blockchain technology. This level is an indicator of growing adoption of crypto.

A further indication of the strength of the market is the approval of Bitcoin ETFs for January 2024.

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