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Robbery Of The Year – LowKick MMA 2023 Awards

Robbery Of The Year – LowKick MMA 2023 Awards

LowKick MMA’s staff chose one of many options for the Robbery Of The Year award in 2023. Or, in this case least favorite.

Amir Albazi and Kai Kara France, former interim flyweight challengers, were the clear winners of the main event on June 3.

Robbery of the Year – Amir Albazi vs. Kai Kara-France – UFC Fight Night: Kara-France vs. Albazi – (5 votes)

Amir Albazi scored the biggest win of his career, but in the eyes of many, including UFC CEO Dana White, it left a lot of unanswered questions.

Neither fighter was able to assert themselves in the long run during their five-round fight. However, Kara-France noticeably upped his urgency as time went on, delivering a strong finish that convinced several of his peers that he had won the fight. Albazi, however, was awarded the win via a split decision. The result caused an uproar amongst fans and competitors.

Kara-Frances’ teammate, Israel Adesanya, immediately called for firing the two judges who favored Albazi along with offering some more colorful commentary in response to the blatant robbery.

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