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Sean Strickland fights social media influencer

Sean Strickland fights social media influencer

Former UFC middleweight champion Sean Strickland beat a social media influencer down during a sparring session at the UFC PI in Las Vegas.  

Sneako has over 1.6 million followers on Instagram and has thought about making the jump to professional boxing.  He had arranged to spar with Strickland but the session didn’t work out well.  

Strickland played with Sneako in a video that was released on Friday. He then launched an attack.  “Tarzan”, bloodied Sneako’s nose, and made someone throw in the towel.  

Strickland, the former UFC champ and Sneako were friendly after the sparring session. The former UFC champion complimented Sneako for not being knocked down by the barrage.    

“Hey, the fact that you did not fall down is a testament,” Sean Strickland said to Sneako.  “Bro, I was trying to. All you had to do was fall and I would’ve stopped. That was a testament.”

Strickland has been defeated by Dricus…

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