Home Style Miami, The View From: A Look back at UFC 299.

Miami, The View From: A Look back at UFC 299.


Miami, FL — To say there was excitement for UFC 299 among both fans and media members coming into last week would be a massive understatement. The journey to cover the event for this Canadian MMA reporter was a mile and a quarter.

Sometime, everything just works out. Miami would happen, hell or highwater, because I booked a flight ticket in December. As it turned out, high water did happen— a storm this past Wednesday apparently flooded a termite nest, termites who proceeded to take refuge in the room I’d rented out through AirBNB. After a series phone calls and a refund I was relocated to a Motel 6. A few days later another AirBNB room was rented.

This MMA stuff is tough.

There seem to be hiccups on every trip. (Hello, dead car rental in Vancouver). That doesn’t take away from the events themselves of course. UFC 299 had a stacked card, and booking a plane ticket was deemed a good decision as soon as it was made. As the card developed, it became clear that it would rival UFC 300 in terms of depth the following month. Some fans preferred it.

I was in that group. UFC 300 was good, but never lived up to the hype. UFC 299 was a disappointment, so I had no expectations.

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