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Top MMA Fights to Make by 2024

Top MMA Fights to Make by 2024

Cageside Press has compiled a list of the most anticipated MMA fights in 2024.

Recent events in the world MMA may have heightened the excitement for fights in 2024.

There are many fights to be held in the next 12 months, with the PFL acquiring Bellator MMA. Also, several stars will return.  This makes it much more difficult to narrow down this list than the previous year.

In 2022, several of the fights on the list from 2021 were fought.  The fact that none of the matches from the previous list were played in the past year speaks volumes about the level of parity seen in the UFC title changes that took place in 2023.  The top MMA bouts in 2024 are those listed below.

Jake Paul vs Andre August. Photo: Most Valuable Promotions/Esther Lin

5. Jake Paul vs Mike Perry

Never has “The Problem Child” been closer to a real MMA fight than he is now.  His MMA debut in the PFL came with much fanfare, and it felt like a great sign for what was to come.  His debut was still roughly 20 months off.

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